Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Season Preview!

Hello, folks, and welcome to a new season of DC Bullets softball! As you can see, this year the Bullets have an all new look, but the focus remains the same: win some ballgames while having fun! We're on the eve of the new season, so let's give you a little preview of  what is upcoming.

Along with a new look the team has some new Bullets to replace members who have moved to our West Coast division. Welcome Danielle Yanetta, Kevin Schwoer, Ailen Lugo, and Dan Bertoldi to the fold! We bid a fond farewell to Brian Walters, LP, and Rookie of the Year Travis Hastback. All of which are playing for DC Entertainment's West Coast team with former Bullets Captain Adam Schlagman and parttime Bullets player Lalida Musso. May they kick butt in their own league!

The Bullets will also welcome back former stalwarts Andrew Arnold and Lauren "Doc" Fries, both of whom missed the 2011 season due to injury and pregnancy, respectively. Doc may be the Away game weapon this year, but it'll be interesting to see how the former perennial MVP, Arnold, bounces back after the lengthy layover. Good luck to both players! Also returning to a more full time basis is Brian BC Cunningham. The slugging editor reappeared for the team during last year's playoffs, and is champing at the bit to hit the field running. The Super Soldier Nel Yomtov also returns to take back shortstop after an injury cut his productive season in half.

The roster has grown to MLB level this season, and manager Sal Cipriano will need every last team member to contribute as they embark on an ambitious 28 game schedule. Forgoing their usual practice, tomorrow marks their official Opening Day against the cheerful team from Bloomberg News. Having defeated a hybrid Bloomberg/Bullets team last year by a narrow margin, it'll be interesting to see what kind of team the opponents trot out for this year's tilt.

The Bullets play their first New York Media League game at home on May 7th against WNYC, a good team that's always matched well with DC, but had a rough patch last year, finishing last. They'll surely come in with a chip on their shoulder and the Bullets in their scopes. The most interesting NYMSL dates, though, is the High Times series. Playing a two game set within a few days of each other could escalate the rivalry to hockey level proportions! The wraparound-the-weekend series takes place on July 12th and 16th. The Bullets end the season with their final league game vs. Forbes, who came into the league last season and played two of the more memorable and even games of the year. Newsweek/Daily Beast leader Randall Lane actually jumped ship over the off season to Forbes, making the team even more dangerous!

Aside from league games, the non league games will be plentiful. Highlights include truTV, who defeated the Bullets in their first meeting last season, and burgeoning rivalries with The Nation and The Daily Show. There are also a number of new teams on the schedule that will be interesting to play including NBC Universal, ITV, Chartbeat,, Left/Right, and Hachette.

And of course there's the Marvel game. No game is bigger, yet the Bullets will have a mountain to climb after losing ground on the rivalry last year with a huge blowout loss. Can they pull it together this year?

The following is the full schedule. Please feel free to stop by and watch and cheer us on. Our home games are on Thursdays at 5:30PM on Central Park's North Meadow Field #2. See you there!

2012 Bullets Fire!

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