Friday, August 17, 2012

DC vs. Marvel in Pictures

1B Laura Demoreuille warms up the infielders.
 3B Mike Lorah patrols the hot corner.
 We don't need no stinkin' Spiderman, we have Vince Letterio!
 Ace Larry Ganem whirls in a strike!
 SS Andrew Arnold stands ready.
 Speed Demon Neil Hiremath in the batter's box.
 3B Blake Kobashigawa getting set for his 3-3 day!
DC Letterer Carlos Mangual and friends.
 Go DC Supporters!
 Strike a Pose w/ Arnold, Kobashigawa, Jeff Boison, and Hiremath!
 Danielle Yannetta shows off her cape socks! Dan Bertoldi approves.
 Why is slugger Kevin Schwoer scared?!
Laura makes it to second!
 An Owl and friends enjoy a day at the park.
 DC Letterer Dezi Sienty and friend show their Bullets support.
 1B/Manager Sal Cipriano smacks an RBI single!
 Team Shot 2012!
 Team Shot #2!
 Hurray for the Bullets!
 CNAP says "Welcome to McGee's!" Andrew brushes his teeth with a cheese stick.
 Blake doesn't want to be in the middle of this family squabble.
 Bullets and coworkers and friends.
 Bullet Supporters Nick Napolitano, Andy Kubert and wife Theresa, and Roger Rivera!
 Prideful Bullets.
 Sal cheers you in the background.
 Waiting for drinks with Danielle and Pat Bressoooo.
 CNAP and our favorite bartender Michelle.
 PrePress coordinator David Pina (and owl) with happy Neil.
 Shock and Awe with Letterer Jared K. Fletcher and Sal.
 Cheers, Bullets!
 Cheers 2 now with extra Vince!
 Cheers 3, never enough!
Dan says, "Till next year, Marvel."

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