Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bullets in Full Bloom with win over Bloomberg

The DC Bullets softball team closed out their April "spring training" on Thursday with a 10-4 win over Bloomberg. From here till the end of June they embark on an all NYMSL schedule, starting with the newest league member Institutional Investor coming up this Thursday, but back to the game recap...

After making a relief appearance vs. BuzzFeed, Allison Klein (with some of the team at the comic con C2E2) was given the chance to start, and overall did very well to keep an improved Bloomberg team to 4 runs, with the only real blemish a two-run blast over the North Meadow #2 fence in left. Otherwise, fantastic work by the lefty, and she started with blanking the NYC mayor's former company in the first.

In the bottom half of the inning, Flash Hiremath continued his scorching-hot hitting with a single. Andrew Arnold followed up with one himself, and Big Kevin Schwoer knocked in Neil with a double. Arnold, unfortunately, was gunned down at third, though, as the Bullets discovered where Bloomberg's best outfielder played. After Jay Kogan popped up, "Oh No!", Captain Sal Cipriano brought home Kevin with a ripped line drive single to left. Blake Kobashigawa lined out to end the inning.

Alli K put up another bagel in the second before the Bullets got back to work. After Alli popped up, Dan Bertoldi singled, and Kid Flash David Pina brought him home with a double. Brittany Holzherr singled and went to second on an overthrow which brought home David in the process. Dueling catchers TayTay Esposito and Carlos Mangual tallied the final two outs.

The aforementioned Bloomberg HR happened in the top of the 3rd, but the Bullets added 2 more to their total in the bottom half of the inning. After Neil grounded out to start things off, Andrew singled, and Kevin brought both home with his 3rd homer of the season, after the ball skip under the centerfielder's grasp and just kept going. Jay doubled and Sal singled, but Blake was robbed of an absolute rope and Alli grounded out to end the threat.

The Bullets pitcher then put up three straight goose eggs on Bloomberg, and the Bullets kept supporting her as they scored runs in every inning they batted. In the 4th, Dan scored on a TayTay infield single, Arnold brought home himself and Neil with a crushed homer in the 5th, and Alli scored on a Pina single in the 6th. Frustration seemed to be creeping into Bloomberg as the game went on, culminating in news agency's massive 1st sacker running over Cipriano in a first base collision, but the captain stayed up and held onto the ball.

Bloomberg did get back two runs in the top of the 7th, but DC shook it off and closed out the game. With the Bullets at 3-1 on the short season, they'll try to start league play on the right foot next week in their first NYMSL game. They had a horrid 2-8 league season last year, but expecting an almost full complement of players, the captain will have plenty of weapons at his disposal. Come support the DC Bullets as they begin their march to the playoffs this Thursday at 5:30pm on their North Meadow field #2, though they'll be the away team on this occasion.

Bullets Box:
SCF Neil Hiremath 2-3, 2 R
SS Andrew Arnold 3-3, 2 R, 2 RBI, HR
LF Kevin Schwoer 3-3, 2 R, 3 RBI, HR, 2B
CF Jay Kogan 1-3, 2B
1B Sal Cipriano 2-3, RBI
3B Blake Kobashigawa 0-3
P Allison Klein 1-3, R
RF Dan Bertoldi 3-3, 2 R
RF David Pina 3-3, R, 2 RBI, 2B
2B Brittany Holzherr 1-3
C Taylor Esposito 1-3, RBI
C Carlos Mangual 0-3

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