Monday, May 13, 2013

Game 5 Player Ratings

CF Neil Hiremath - 1-3, R
The I-I defense got the best of the speedy Bullet on this night. R: 6

3B Mike Lorah - 2-3, 3 R
Pushed down to the 2 spot, Mr. Lorah acquitted himself well at the plate, but like many Bullets had a bit of tough time on field.  R: 6.5

SS Andrew Arnold - 2-3, 2 R, RBI, double
Like Mike's rating above, it was a tale of two players, though the double play could've been outstanding... R: 6.5

LF Kevin Schwoer - 2-3, R, RBI
Solid for the most part, Schwoer suffered from what the rest of the outfield did, just not being in the right spot, but honestly not much you can do. R: 7.5

CF Vince Letterio - 3-3, 3 RBI
Same as Kevin's, with the added misread of the players on the basepaths on a costly play. Great day at the plate, though.  R: 6.5

1B Sal Cipriano - 3-3, RBI, double
Good day at the plate, but a lost pop in the sun hurts the rating.  R: 8.5

RF Allison Klein - 0-3
Playing out of position wasn't the best for Alli.  R: 4

3B Blake Kobashigawa - 3-3
Solid for the most part on the field and at the plate.  R: 8.5

P Larry Ganem - 1-3
I-I had a field day with Larry's pitches. R: 5

C David Pina - 0-3
Not much going on for the speedy catcher. R: 4

C Taylor Esposito - 0-2
And even less for his counterpart. R: 3.5

2B Brittany Holzherr - 1-2
Tough day on the field for the rookie 2B. R: 5

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